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LOUISE STURHLING "Chrome Series" All-Natural Ceramic Coated 4.0 L Air Fryer, Free of Pb, Cd, BPA, PTFE & PFOA, 7-in-1 programmable one-touch Settings. Includes 3 exclusive BONUS Items - COOKBOOK, TONGS & Ceramic PIZZA PAN

Item: AF-KQ2CHR02
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BASKET & POT COATED WITH ULTRA-PURE & SCRATCH-RESISTANT CERAMIC COATING: Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are cooking with Ultra-pure Ceramic Coated surfaces that are Free of LEAD, CADMIUM, BPA, PTFE & PFOA. Healthy Ceramic coat is also extremely DURABLE & SUPER EASY to clean! WILL NOT SCRATCH easily Or PEEL under high temperature! TWO COOKING SURFACES WITH 4.0 L POT OR 3.5 L BASKET: Bake, Grill, or Fry foods the HEALTHY way with Multi-purpose 4.0 L Ceramic Coated Pot OR with the Versatile 3.5L Basket with true detachable handle For EASY use with Pot and DISHWASHER CLEANING. SLEEK LOOK WITH ADVANCED PRE-PROGRAMMED SETTINGS: The Deep Black Body against the sleek Chrome handle will enhance the looks of any kitchen. Features 7-in-1 Pre-programmed One-touch Settings and a programmable cooking timer of up to 30 minutes and a temperature control system with a range of 175⁰F to 400⁰F. FDA & ETL CERTIFIED: High power 1400 W with Enhanced Turbo Air flow. A healthy way to cook or fry foods with up to 90% less oil. Certified by FDA and ETL. BEST WARRANTY PLUS THREE EXCLUSIVE BONUS ITEMS: Enjoy Our Industry Best 60-day Returns and Free 18-Month Extended Warranty (Product Warrant Registration at Louise Sturhling dot com). Includes Exclusive Bonus Accessory items – Stainless Steel/SILICONE Tongs and 7.5-inch CERAMIC Coated Pizza pan. Plus, a FREE hardcopy of our Latest edition Cookbook with rejuvenating recipes


Suzzy, San Francisco CA on 02-20-2019
Love the Ceramic Coating

Love the Ceramic coating. Very easy to clean. We have exotic birds so it was very important that we stay away from teflon that put forth fumes that kill birds when heated. The cute cookbook that came with it has some some nice recipes. My husband made the lamb chops with brussel sprouts and they came out great.

Mona, Baton Rouge LA on 01-30-2019
Working Great

This my 3rd air fryer in the past 3 years and I have to say that this is the best one of them all. Beside the heathy ceramic coating and all the bells and whistles, I think the best feature that was lacking in all the other air fryer I used in the past is the fact that both the basket and pot are ceramic coated and can be used for cooking. Just bought a secoond one for my aunt and she loves it too.

Danny, Boise ID on 12-19-2018
Loving it

Loving my new ceramic air fryer. Love the shiny hadle as well. Grilled chicken drumsticks in them last night and they were crispy on the outside and juicy insde. Great fryer.

Ted, Maimi FL on 11-26-2018
Looks Good on the Counter

I bought this specifically for the chrome handle and the Ceramic Pizza pan. I had the first Ceramic model with the black handle. I bought the one when it came out and gave the other one to my sister. Same great air fryer but I think this one looks really good on my counter. I noticed that this one is a little bit louder than the first one but that does not bother me at all. I just love this air fryer. Will recommend to everyone.

Kate, Dover DE on 11-02-2018
Best Air Fryer, Best buy!

Best buy. To be honest with you, I wasn't big on cooking until I bought this air fryer after reading about it on facebook. I like it a lot. It makes cooking simple and fun.