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LOUISE STURHLING 8-Piece Ceramic Air Fryer Accessory Set. Fits ALL 3.7 L – 5.8 L Fryers. Pizza pan, Cake Barrel, Grill rack with Skewers, Tongs, Bread Rack, Metal Holder, Silicone Mat & Muffin Cups

Item: AF-AC-8P004
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MULTI-PURPOSE & MULTI-FUNCTION: Extend the capability of your Air Fryer with our new 8-piece Air fryer Accessories Set - Pizza pan, Cake Barrel, Grill rack with Skewers, Tongs, Bread Toast Rack, Metal Holder, Silicone Mat & Muffin Cups. PIZZA PAN & CAKE BAREL COATED WITH SCRATCH-RESISTANT CERAMIC: Enjoy a Healthy deep-crusted pizza in the 8-inch pizza pan or bake in style in the 7-inch Cake Barrel, both coated with Ultra-Pure Ceramic Coating which is Free of LEAD, CADMIUM, BPA, PTFE & PFOA. Healthy Ceramic coat is also extremely DURABLE & SUPER EASY to CLEAN! WILL NOT SCRATCH easily Or PEEL under high temperature! VERSATILE SIZE & DESIGN: Compatible with ALL 3.7 – 5.8L (3.7 – 5.8 qt) Air Fryers. Compatible Air Fryer Brands include LOUISE STURHLING, PHILIPS, NUWAVE, POWER AIR FRYER, SIMPLE CHEF, COZYNA, GOWISE, COSTZON, BEST CHOICE PRODUCT, AVALON BAY, XTREMEPOWER, BLUSMART, FAREBERWARE, DELLA, GOURMIA, EMERALD, NUTRICHEF, ENSUE, EMERIL, and many MORE! HIGH QUALITY FDA & INTERTEK APPROVED MATERIALS: Grill Rack and Skewers, Metal Holder, Bread Toast Rack, and Tongs made with High Grade, long-lasting, and Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel. Silicone Mat, Muffin cups and Tongs made with Heat resistant Silicone (480°F), BPA, PTFE & PFOA-Free. BEST WARRANTY, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Enjoy Our Industry Best 60-day Returns and Free 18-Month Extended Warranty (Product Warrant Registration at Louise Sturhling dot com). Your Satisfaction is guaranteed!


Maria, Omaha NE on 02-20-2019
No more Teflon in Food

I do not own a Louise Sturhling air fryer but I bought mine for my Philips air fryer and they fit nicely. I like the idea of the ceramic coating because from the reviews I have read it sounds like the ceramic coating lasts longer than the Teflon on my Philips air fryer basket. The scary part is that I have notice recently that the Teflon coating has started peeling. I look forward to extending the life of my air fryer basket with these accessories. The ceramic pan makes pretty good size pizza. I also like the fact that the grill racks can be stacked on top of each other so that more foods can be cooked at once. Great product.

Pamela, Austin TX on 02-05-2019
Very nice accessories Set

Works nicely with my GoWise 3.7L air fryer. Saved my old Teflon coated basket. Now I cook everything in the pizza pan inside my peeling Teflon basket. Thanks for saving my air fryer.

Mary, Santa Fe NM on 01-29-2019
Great product, Great Customer Service

My product arrived with one side of the package crushed. The pizza pan and cake barrel were intact but the stainless-steel racks were completely damaged. I called customer service and they sent me a replacement by overnight shipment. Quality product and quality customer service. Highly recommend!.

Mark, Charleston WV on 01-21-2019
Cleans with ease

Great accessories for my 5L air fryer. I love the ease with which I can clean the pan and cake barrel. The stackable grill racks is a big plus. Want to be inspired? Try what I did last night….Surf and turf with the rack. I had shrimp on the bottom rack and steak on the top rack. 400F for 14 minutes. Turned steak halfway through the cook time. Everything cooked so nicely with the steak medium rare with a nice sear. Great product! Highly recommend!

Dennise, Billings MT on 01-20-2019
Thank you for this product!

Thank you, Louise Sturhling, for these accessories. I have been waiting for them for over 6 months to be available so I can purchase them. I initially bought the first ceramic air fryer but it came with a free pizza pan that was not ceramic coated. I have a pet parrot so I could not use the free Teflon pizza pan. Now I can enjoy me some home-made pizza and explore all the things I can do with the other accessories. The ceramic pizza pan is perfectly sized for the 4L pot and it is just as easy to clean as the air fryer ceramic pot and basket. Love it!

Tammy, Phoenix AZ on 01-11-2019
Great ceramic pizza pan

The pizza pan is great. I love the cute little silicone cupcake cups as well. Baked some mini cupcakes with my 6-year old daughter using the cups and the cake program on the air fryer. I was very surprised how well the cake was cooked. It was perfect and my daughter loved the experience. Very handy accessories set for any air fryer. Forgot to mention the size. Be mindful of the size of your air fryer. The diameter of the racks and the pans are about 8 inches so make sure your air fryer is big enough for this diameter. Thanks to this set, I can now do so much more with my air fryer. Very good product. I like it a lot!

Maggie, Trenton NJ on 01-09-2019
Great Pork chops kebabs?

Made a great dish with these accessories last night. Got some pork chops and cut them into 4 by 4-inch cubes and seasoned then with black peppers and sea salt. Skewered these with white onions and bell peppers in-between. Served with steamed vegies and potatoes. Great accessories for any air fryer

Clarise, Olympia WA on 01-04-2019
Too big for my Air fryer

Too big for my nuwave brio air fryer. The product is nice but I wish they made it a little smaller. When are you going to make a smaller version that will fit my 3.2L air fryer?